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Nobody Ever Had a Dream 'Round Here

But I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me.

15 April 1986
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I USED to be a poor, starving college student trapped on an Alaskan island, but NOW I live in California with cheezdanish and I draw things write things for a living. But I STILL really shouldn't be on Live Journal in the first place, seeing that I have so many more pressing things to do at the time. But I choose to ignore them in favor of the interweb. The story of my life, folks.


Wyrmrest Accord (RP)
Campion, Human Paladin (main)
Hackett, Worgen Warrior
Farfield, Gnome Warrior
Makakaja, Troll Warlock

Zangarmarsh (PvE)
Cloudberry, Orc Hunter

Mal'Ganis (PVP)
Orosco, Troll Hunter

This is my ongoing WoW vanity pet checklist!